by Alice Divan — 25/09/2017

One of Sweden’s most exceptional figures, Queen Kristina was an unconventional woman ahead of her time. Curated by the Kristinehamn Art Museum, Queen Kristina! is an exhibition as unconventional as its subject, the first of its kind to completely hand over the viewer to try understanding who she was. 

Visitor will look at Kristina trough the eyes of contemporary artists, designers, and cultural personalities, whose works will be shown along masterpieces dating back to the 17th Century, Roman sculptures and antique textiles. 

Queen Kristina! is an exhibition calling for an unacademic, free and lustful approach to the Krisitina in a contemporary perspective where everything is allowed. What would have been of Kristina if she were born today? 

An exclusive collaboration between artist Cecilia Ömalm and Reschia CD and founder Andrea Reschia will be showcased during the exhibition. 

Queen Kristina! will open on October 7th at the Kristinehamn Art Museum